G and G Essig Reiniger 1L liquid (12)[D]

G&G 1L Essig Reiniger płyn (12)[D]
  • G&G 1L Essig Reiniger płyn (12)[D]
EAN: 4311536937316
Pieces in a carton: 12
Pieces per layer: 144
Pieces on the manufacturer's pallet: 432
Pieces on a shipping pallet: -

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G&G Effectively removes: scale, water and soap stains, eliminates greasy impurities, neutralizes unpleasant odours.
 A powerful agent containing vinegar - a biologically active ingredient is the simplest and at the same time very effective cleaning agent.
It has an antibacterial effect and kills germs like chlorine.
A solution of water and vinegar perfectly removes scale from the bathtub or cabin.
Cleans fittings where strong chlorine-based detergents can damage the chrome.
Also for use in washing kettles or electric heaters.
It is very suitable for removing unpleasant refrigerator odors.
It is enough to dilute 60 ml of liquid in about 5 liters of water.
In the case of very strong dirt, leave the surface for a longer action of the preparation itself.
Capacity: 1l


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