G and G Sussstoff 72g- 1200pcs sweetener (24)[D]

G&G 1200szt/ 72g Sussstoff słodzik dietet. (24)[D]
  • G&G 1200szt/ 72g Sussstoff słodzik dietet. (24)[D]
EAN: 4311501623695
Piece information: 24
Information about layers: 480
Information about pallets: 2880

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The sweetener is intended for people who for various reasons cannot or should not use sugar.
It can be used for both hot and cold drinks.
Sweetener we offer in aesthetic packaging with dispenser 1200 pcs,
has a low energy value (below 0.01 / kcal / tablets), high "sweetness" of one tablet, which replaces 1 teaspoon of sugar,
does not change the taste of coffee or tea.


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