Complaints should be filed no later than 5 days from the date of delivery/receipt.

In order to file a complaint, follow the below:

1. Take pictures of the damaged pallet (as it looked at the moment of delivery by the driver before unpacking) and the goods (individual pieces).

2. Write damage report - the driver should have an appropriate document. If it is not available, ask the driver to come with the document at another time or to let us know so that we can intervene. Please note how the protocol was written! If you report damage, it can not be marked that the pallet has not been damaged.

3. Write us to email to, describing the situation and attaching photos and protocols.

Only the completion of the above formalities allows you to submit a complaint.

The forwarding has 30 working days to process the application.

The date is calculated from the moment we send you the application.


Complaints submitted by phone, by SMS/MMS will not be considered!

Only the message via e-mail is considered to be a complaint.

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