We have various products that we choose in a way that best meets the needs of regular and new customers. We have a lot of attention to the individual approach to the customer, price and quality competitiveness of the products offered by our company.

We serve wholesale clients, stores or retail client. The orders you will do through our websites the  www.bamal.pl online store. We have a lot of the assortment that there are Stocks, which are available for a short time, so it's worth visiting our site regularly.

In order to gain access to the wholesale price list and price gradation, you must register on the website and write to us for email to hurt@bamal.pl with a request to activate the wholesale profile.

Why is it worth cooperating with us? It's easy!

1. We have original German, Belgian, Dutch and English goods.

2. In the interest of the client, we intensively negotiate prices with our partners from abroad, which results in the best prices for household chemicals in the country.

3. The entire range is clearly presented on our website. The products visible there are always available in our warehouses.

4. The goods we try to send always up to 24 hours from placing the order. 

5. We try to be experts for our clients, we make sure that they are always informed about interesting new goods and great promotions.

6. Price gradations are available on the site that allows larger customers to get even lower prices.

7. For the pallet shipments in different periods of the year, we add FREE very attractive gifts, which often compensate for the shipping cost.

8. We try to follow the market and supply new goods that are eagerly bought by customers.

9. Orders placed by the party (personal collection) are prepared at the hour specified by the customer, which significantly reduces the time of shopping.

10. We attach free labels with Polish translation for all of your ordered goods.

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