Astonish konc. do podłóg 750ml Malina (12) [GB]

Aro 1L uniwersalny płyn do podłóg (10)[D]
  • Aro 1L uniwersalny płyn do podłóg (10)[D]
EAN: 4337182344100
Pieces in a carton: 10
Pieces per layer: 110
Pieces on the manufacturer's pallet: 330
Pieces on a shipping pallet: -

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{{Aro 1L  liquid for floors (10)[D]
Aro Universal floor liquid
A modern, universal fluid with a very versatile application.
Intended for cleaning various surfaces, including wooden, varnished, ceramic and plastic floors, floor panels, wall tiles, window sills, kitchen furniture, etc.

Capacity: 1L


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