G and G Power-Activ10 40pcs dishwasher tablets (6)[D]

G&G 40szt Power-Activ tabletki do zmywarki (6)[D]
  • G&G 40szt Power-Activ tabletki do zmywarki (6)[D]
EAN: 4311501629604
Piece information: 6
Information about layers: 72
Information about pallets: 432

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G&G functional dishwasher tablets: clean, shine, are safe for glass,
This tablets soften water and protect against calcium deposits, neutralize odors in the dishwasher.
Thanks to a special formula, they tablets prevent spots on stainless steel.
They provide comprehensive cleaning and protection for your dishwasher.
They are enriched with a special softening substance, completely dissolve even dried food residue without soaking it first.
It works already at 40 degrees.


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