Scents 30g absorber smell for the fridge (12/24)[D,NL]

Scents 30g pochłaniacz zapach do lod(12/24)[D,NL]
  • Scents 30g pochłaniacz zapach do lod(12/24)[D,NL]
EAN: 8719497837137
Piece information: 24
Information about layers: 264
Information about pallets: 1440

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Thanks to the content of bicarbonate and natural lemon extracts, it neutralizes odors generated, among others by fish, cheese, onions, etc.
The gel formula filters the air, removing fragrance particles and absorbing them like a sponge.
The fridge freshener retains the natural aroma of food, is small and shapely and lasts up to 2 months.


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