Persil Perfect Dose 26washes/858 washing gel (5)[B,NL]

Persil 26p/ 858ml żel Perfect Dose (5)[B,NL]
  • Persil 26p/ 858ml żel Perfect Dose (5)[B,NL]
  • Persil 26p/ 858ml żel Perfect Dose (5)[B,NL]
  • Persil żel Perfect Dose 26p/ 858ml (5)[B,NL]
Piece information: 5
Information about layers: 80
Information about pallets: 400

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Image EAN Combination name Quantity
5410091723194 Uniwersalny
A lot
A lot
5410091723200 Kolor
Out of stock
Out of stock
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Perfectly removes all dirt at low temperature from just 15 degrees.
Clothes will look better and look new for longer.
The active formula ensures that your clothes are always clean and fresh.
Thanks to the innovative Perfect Dose formula, you measure exactly the amount of gel you want without spilling a single drop!

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