Omo 80 washes/ 4l washing gel (2)[D,F]

Omo 80p/ 4L żel do prania (2)[D,F]
  • Omo 80p/ 4L żel do prania (2)[D,F]
  • Omo 80p/ 4L żel do prania (2)[D,F]
  • Omo 80p/ 4L żel do prania (2)[D,F]
Piece information: 2
Information about layers: 32
Information about pallets: 128
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Image EAN Combination name Quantity
8710447355343 Black
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8710447355299 Strawberry& Lily
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8710447354513 Kolor
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The gel is highly concentrated.
It dissolves easily in water and is easier to wash out offabrics than powders.
It can be used in all types of washing machines and forhand-washing, because it removes stubborn dirt already at 30 ° C.
Thanks to the new technology, the fragrance has beenencapsulated in microcapsules, from which it is released when wearingclothes.
Depending on the intensity of dirt and water hardness, the gellasts for 80 washes.
Capacity: 4l


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