Dash 17-34 washes/ 1,105kg powder (6)[NL]

Dash 17-34p/ 1,105kg Uniwersalny proszek (6)[NL]
  • Dash 17-34p/ 1,105kg Uniwersalny proszek (6)[NL]
EAN: 8001090655356
Piece information: 6
Information about layers: 60
Information about pallets: 600
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Dash washing powder for colors and white.
Perfectly removes dirt in the 20-95C temperature range. It has a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. The agent can be used both for hand washing and in automatic washing machines. It dissolves well in water. Contains anti-limescale agent.
It works already at 20 degrees
Dash powder easily dissolves in water, not crumble
In its composition it has a water softener


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