Dixan 40-80wasches/2,6kg powder [B,NL]

Dixan 40p/ 2,6kg proszek [B,NL]
  • Dixan 40-80p/ 2,6kg proszek [B,NL]
  • Dixan 40p/ 2,6kg proszek [B,NL]
Piece information: 1
Information about layers: 36
Information about pallets: 180

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Image EAN Combination name Quantity
5410091727055 Extreme Power
5410091727048 Extreme White
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Out of stock
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Thanks to the unique combination of bioactive ingredients and the increased content of the protease enzyme, Dixan has the unique ability to remove even the most stubborn stains.
The powder is enough for 45-90 washes temperature in  20⁰C to 95⁰C


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