G and G Oxi Power 750ml spray stain remover (12)[D]

G&G 750ml Oxi Power odplamiacz spray (12)[D]
  • G&G 750ml Oxi Power odplamiacz spray (12)[D]
EAN: 4311501608197
Piece information: 12
Information about layers: 144
Information about pallets: 432

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Sachets are designed for washing white things. Inside of them there is a concentrated powder that effectively supports and whitens yellowed and grayed fabrics. It removes dirt at a temperature of just 20 degrees. The advantage of the sachet is that the detergent does not spill during dispensing, and that it is added in the amount you need. The sachet and powder dissolve very well in water, do not leave stains  on clothes. One packaging is enough for 2 washes.
Using the sachets you have a 100% guarantee that your clothes will be: clean, immaculately white, beautifully fragrant and bright.


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