Deluxe Farb 20pcs Wipes catching color (24/48)[D,GB]

Deluxe 20szt Farb chust wyłapują kolor(12/48)D,GB]
  • Deluxe 20szt Farb chust wyłapują kolor(12/48)D,GB]
EAN: 4260504880171
Pieces in a carton: 12
Pieces per layer: 384
Pieces on the manufacturer's pallet: 2304
Pieces on a shipping pallet: -

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To ensure the effectiveness for items with poor colour fastness use 3 or 4 sheets. We recommend that coloured garments should be washed separately for at least the first 6 or 7 washes.
Using Color Magnet Sheets witht well washed coloured garments and whites will save time and energy.
1) Palce one sheet at the rear of your washing machine drum before loading the washing. Use 3-4 sheets for new, dark or non-colourfast garments.
2) Use your normal amount of washing detergent and select your usual wash cycle.
3) When the wash has finished remove the sheets and discard.
When you wash mixed coloured clothes, the hot water and detergent loosen the dye in your laundry causing it to run. Color Maagnet Sheets  are specially made to act like a  magnet, attracting and removing loose dye and dirt during the wash allowing allowing you to wash with confidence.
Directions for use:
 Can be used for both machine and hand washing with all fabrics. Color magnet Sheets are biodegradable and environmentally safe.
Large, dark coloured items such s denim clothing and towels should be washed separately. Always read the manufacturers washing instructions. Care should be taken if mixing coloured and white garments. Keep out of the reach of children.
Contains amongst other ingredients: <5% Non-ionic surfactant
Capacity: 20 tissues


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