Deluxe Schwar Wipes protecting the black 20 pieces (9/36)[D]

Deluxe 20szt chusteczki chroniące czerń (9/36)[D]
  • Deluxe 20szt chusteczki chroniące czerń (9/36)[D]
EAN: 4260504880270
Pieces in a carton: 9
Pieces per layer: 288
Pieces on the manufacturer's pallet: 1440
Pieces on a shipping pallet: -

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Deluxe Schwarz wipes help maintain deep, intense black for a long time.
Particles contained in wipes smoothen washed fabrics and reduce damage to fibers. As a result, washed clothes become darker and their color is much more durable.
How to use:
1. Place one sheet at the rear of your washing machine drum before loading the washing.
2. Use your normal amount of washing detergent and select your usual wash cycle.
3. When the wash has finished remove the sheets and discard.
Capacity: 20 pcs

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Karta-Chusteczki Schwarz

Download (201.74KB)

Zdjęcie-Chusteczki Schwarz

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Arkusz-Chusteczki Schwarz

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