Deluxe Glas Schaum 500ml Window Cleaner Foam(12)[D,GB]

Deluxe 500ml Glas Window pianka do szyb (12)[D,GB]
  • Deluxe 500ml Glas Window pianka do szyb (12)[D,GB]
Pieces in a carton: 12
Pieces per layer: 228
Pieces on the manufacturer's pallet: 1140
Pieces on a shipping pallet: 1368

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Image EAN Combination name Quantity
4260504880034 Glas/ Window
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A lot

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A highly effective, aromatic product in the form of activefoam for cleaning glass, enamelled, ceramic and painted surfaces. Does not leave streaks or runs.
For application in:
- car: outside and inside surfaces of windows headlights and lights, outside and inside mirrors. Thanks to a new formula, it prevents the effect of light reflection, easily removes the remains of insects,
-at home and at the office: windows, mirrors, TV screens, monitors, ceramic tiles and terracotta, kitchen and office furniture, home appliances stainless and enamelled steel.
This product has anti-staticcharacteristics which prevents the resettling of dust and dirt on the cleanedsurface. May be used in a temperature down to -5˚C. Neutral for paint coats,plastics and rubber.
Use: Shake well before use! Spray from 25-50 cm distance with the actuator in an upright position to the glass surface and leave for a shorttime. Then wipe with a dry cloth and polish dry.
Ingredients:Anionic surfactants <5%, fragrances, LINALOOL, ALCOHOL, SODIUM BENZOATE.

The expiry date is on the cover.
Capacity: 500ml

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Karta - Deluxe pianka szyby

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Arkusz - Deluxe pianka szyby

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Zdjęcie - Pianka do szyb

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